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Made in Afghanistan Supercar Takes To the Roads

Last month, news of a supercar built in Afghanistan went viral online and was praised by both Afghans and Pakistanis.

The Mada 9 is a supercar prototype that evolves from the original design, according to the specs. At the Navavari Center of Tec in Afghanistan.

The vehicle incorporates an F1-style pushrod suspension, a mid-engine layout, and a tubular frame chassis. The engine is located behind the driver. It also suggests an all-wheel drive powertrain in the most recent footage because of its remarkable grip on snow-covered roadways.

The prototype has been developed by the team for five years, according to ENTOP CEO Muhammad Raza Ahmadi in the video. He stated that the project will be finished in two weeks, and the team intends to present it at the Qatar Exhibition in its finished state.

Afghanistan Launch car

The first made-in-Afghanistan car was displayed in Kabul

On Thursday, the first sports car manufactured in Afghanistan was unveiled by its creators.

After it was on exhibit in Kabul during a snowy day, pictures of the exquisitely constructed automobile quickly gained popularity on social media. The black sports car with luxurious wheels looked great driving through Kabul; most likely, it was the first time the locals had seen such a car.

The middle of the front bumper is where the brand’s name, “Stop,” is inscribed in silver.

The first sports car constructed in Afghanistan was created and produced for the Technical Vocational Education and Innovation Center of Afghanistan by Muhammed Reza Ahmadi, the CEO of Entop Auto Studio in Afghanistan.

The architect, Mohammad Reza Ahmadi, claims

Afghan Company Introduces Locally Made Vehicles

In an effort to provide Afghans with an alternative to imports, a Kabul-based firm this week showcased a fleet of locally produced passenger vehicles that are powered by solar and batteries, as well as hybrid and regular gas vehicles and trucks.

Afghanistan car Mileage

Amin Noor Industrial Companies launched 11 vehicle types with pricing ranges between $1,200 and $2,500 at a ceremony on Wednesday in the Afghan capital (USD). They include a number of solar-powered electric cars.

The intention, according to a company representative, is to expand Afghanistan’s auto market, which now relies mainly on imported and primarily used Japanese and Canadian models.

A less expensive, greener vehicle is a welcome addition to the Afghan market, said Afghan Economy Minister Mustafa Mastoor, who was present at the ceremony.

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