You are currently viewing Changan A800 Price in Pakistan 2023 Images Reviews And Specs

Changan A800 Price in Pakistan 2023 Images Reviews And Specs

Changan Automobiles originally unveiled the Changan A800  and it was designed specifically for the Chinese auto market. Through a joint venture agreement struck with Master Motors, Changan Motors also entered the Pakistani market. 2019 saw the opening of Changan Pakistan’s assembly facility, and the company selected its final four vehicles for local assembly in Pakistan.

Changan Karavan, Changan M8/M9 pickup, Changan CX70T, and Changan A800 are all part of it. Today, we’ll go into great detail regarding the Changan A800’s features. The Changan A800 Price a seven-seater MPV that was introduced to take on the Honda BR-V has not yet been made available in Pakistan. The brand-new Changan A800 is anticipated to debut around the end of 2023. Changan’s design team in Turin, Italy, created the Changan A800, particularly for Changan. Everybody on the roads is drawn to the Changan A800’s stunning, manly look. It has a potent turbocharged DVVT engine and an Aisin six-speed manual-auto all-in-one transmission. High-strength steel was used to construct the body of the Changan A800, ensuring your safety in collisions at high speeds.

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Changan A800 Price In Pakistan

Changan A800 has a starting price of PKR3,550,000. In Pakistan, the Changan A800 is a superb performance vehicle. There are many distinct hues and versions of the Changan A800 vehicle. The vehicle type Changan A800 is a hatchback. The Changan A800’s dimensions and weight are as follows: 4810mm in length, 1795mm in width, and 1750mm in height.

Exterior Design & Features Of Changan A800.

The Changan A800’s body is made durable by its high steel strength and the high-strength steel anti-collision beam of the car doors. The grille on the front of the A800 is chrome-plated, and glossy, and complements the appearance of the car fairly well. This MPV has a sleek overall design, and the headlamps on either side of the grille are equally beautiful from any perspective. The A800’s rear end is boxy, with two square-shaped taillights mounted in a lower bumper in a black hue. The MPV’s rear design is dominated by a big tailgate, and its sixteen-inch two-tone alloy wheels give it a dynamic appearance.

Interior Design & Features Changan Of A800

Three rows of seats are found inside the Changan A800’s cabin, which has a roomy interior and enough room to seat seven adults. The leather chairs and steering wheel give the space a high-end appearance. Compared to comparable MPVs, the third row is also rather comfortable because the seats have a wheelbase of 2760 millimeters and provide considerable head and legroom. In front of the drivers is an instrument panel with a seven-inch LCD screen that shows the speedometer, tachometer, temperature gauge, water gauge, fuel gauge, and odometer. Additionally, the dashboard now incorporates an LCD that provides infotainment. sixteen-inch two-tone alloy wheels provide the back fascia with a dominant appearance.

Changan A 800 Interior

Changan A800 Dimensions & Weight

Ground Clearance

Changan A800 2023 Availability

: As you are aware, this vehicle has not yet been introduced in Pakistan. As soon as the manufacturer makes a formal announcement about the introduction of this vehicle in Pakistan, we will inform you of its availability and the locations of all of its showrooms in Pakistan, from which interested parties can easily purchase this vehicle. All of these had to do with the Changan A800 price in Pakistan in 2023.

Changan A800 Engine

Engine Type1.5T 156 hp L4
Max Power (BHP)156hp / 115kw / 5500 rpm
Max Torque (NM)225.0nm / 2000-4000rpm
Mileage (ARAI)14-16
Transmission Type
No of gears6 Gears
Drive TypeFWD

Major Competitors

  • Toyota CR-V
  • Toyota Avanza
  • Honda BR-V
  • Glory 580 Pro
  • Honda Freed
  • DFSK Glory 330

Changan A800

What is the mileage/fuel average of Changan A800 2023?

The fuel average of Changan A800 2023 is 14 – 16 KM

What is the top speed of the Changan A800?

The top speed of Changan A800 is 200 KM/H.