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How to change your car battery at home

Battery serve many important functions for smooth working of vehicles. Every type of vehicle needs a battery perform ignition and electrical tasks. Without battery, it is impossible to supply a surge of electrical signal to the starter motor. Car battery also supply power to the lights, radio, power windows, air conditioning and central locking system. As per usage, batteries expired after specific period of time or usage ratio. Thus, we need to replace or change the old battery with new battery. In this guide, I will guide you, how to change your car battery at your home?

Follow these steps to change your car battery without mechanic at your home.

1. Inspect old battery before changing

Inspect old battery to know whether you should change it or not. If you find following signs then change the battery.

  • If battery’s usage time is 3 to 5 year without checking any other sign. It is preventive maintenance to keep your car safe from big loss.
  • When engine takes many attempts to start.
  • Spot of corrosion or powdery white substance on the terminals of battery
  • Swollen or bloated appearance of battery indicates to change your car’s battery immediately.
  • Dim lights and electrical components issues shows that battery is out of date.

After these signs, don’t take risk and change your car battery immediately. It will keep you safe from any big problem or lose.

2. Choose efficient and suitable car battery

Choose efficient and suitable battery for your car. It is better to consult with a professional mechanic before changing battery. You can also visit relative company auto parts store for specific battery that meets your car’s requirements. you can check our guide to choose your car battery.

3. Pre-Requisites to change battery

You need necessary tools. Here is the list of tools you need to change battery with ease.

  • Safety Glasses
  • Protective Gloves
  • Wrenches
  • Wire Brush
  • Battery Cleaner or Baking Soda Solution

4. Remove old battery

Before removing old battery, first remove the both positive and negative terminal cables. Loose the clamp or bracket using wrench or socket. Take out of the battery from its tray.

5. Clean the Battery Tray

Use battery cleaner or baking soda solution to clean the tray. Clean corrosion from tray or its parts with the help of wire brush.

6. Install the New Battery

Take new battery with the help of battery lifter and place it in the tray right way. Fix it and tight the hold-down clamp or brackets. Connect respective cables to the positive and negative terminal. Last, make sure the connections are safe and secure.

7. Dispose of the old battery

You need to dispose of the old battery properly. If you don’t know the proper steps to dispose of the battery, it is better to hand over the old battery to a recycling center.


I hope, you learn how to change your car battery at home with ease. In short. You should inspect your car battery before changing, choose efficient and suitable battery, take necessary tools like wrenches, gloves, glasses, wire brush, battery cleaner, remove old battery, clean battery tray and install new battery and fix the cables on respective terminals carefully.


Can You change your car battery at home?

You can change your car battery by yourself. But you need to know the process the changing car battery.

What battery terminal goes on first?

You always remove the negative terminal first and then positive.

How many years does car battery last?

Car battery last up to three to four years.

What are the pre-requisites to change car battery?

you need Safety Glasses, Protective Gloves, Wrenches, Wire Brush, Battery Cleaner or Baking Soda Solution.

Should I dispose of or recycle the old car battery?

Yes, You should dispose of or recycle the old car battery for safety reasons.