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Suzuki XL7 2023 Price in Pakistan Spaces Mileage

The “Suzuki XL7,” a new addition to the SUV portfolio, is said to have somewhat greater fuel efficiency than its rivals. The Suzuki XL7 Price in Pakistan in 2023 and the introduction date of the upcoming model are also quite important. Buyers will pay attention to them if they effectively introduce it at a lower cost than other vehicles with comparable specifications. They undoubtedly did their due diligence and worked hard to make it a success. Additionally, they have closed the gaps that made their previous SUV ineffective.

The 1.5-liter gasoline K15B engine from Suzuki drives the XL7 MPV. Price of the most recent Suzuki model in Pakistan. The small-displacement engine produces 138 Newton meters of torque and 103 horsepower. A standard 4-speed automatic transmission transfers all of the vehicle’s power to the front wheels.

The XL7 has coil springs in the back, a MacPherson strut and coil suspension up front, and a torsion beam and coil spring setup up front. Providing stopping force are the front-vented disc brakes and the back leading and trailing drum brakes. The Ertiga and the XL7 are both constructed on the same chassis, known as Suzuki’s HEARTECT architecture. Price of Suzuki XL7 in Pakistan in 2023. The 7-seater is equipped with 16-inch diamond-cut wheels.

Suzuki XL7 Image

Suzuki XL7 2023 Price in Pakistan

The price of the Suzuki XL7 2023 in Pakistan is 5,229,300 PKR.

Suzuki XL7 2023PKR 529,347 (Estimated)

XL7 Suzuki interior

The Suzuki XL7’s interior is inferior since a large LED has been fitted in it. On the other hand, businesses added airbags for passenger safety in various locations. Below is a photo of this car’s interior.


Suzuki XL7’s Exterior

Because the Suzuki XL7 shares a similar exterior with the Honda BR-V, it has a fantastic exterior appearance. Aside from the installation of the unusual-style rim, the front makeover is exceptional. Furthermore, it’s a sunroof because several people have inquired about it.



Overall Length4,450 mm
Overall Width1,775 mm
Overall Height1,710 mm
Wheelbase2,740 mm
Tread Front1,515 mm
Tread Rear1,530 mm
Minimum Turning Radius5.2 m
Minimum Ground Clearance200 mm

Suzuki XL7 Engine

The new Suzuki XL7 1500 engine has the following engines: The new model is bigger than the old one, has more proportions, and drives more smoothly. All two wheels can be driven by the gasoline engine. The engine has 103 horsepower. The Suzuki XL7’s accessories have not been revealed, despite its recent motor show debut.


Features of the Suzuki XL7 vehicle

You wouldn’t enjoy talking while wearing a hat. The XL7 Suzuki car’s cabin will make you feel rejuvenated, and you’ll drive it with passion as a result.

8-inch touchscreen information display unit
Dual-bar Chrome grille and Dual-tone Roof Rails
Clad in plastic
alloy 16-inch wheels
LED headlights
multi-spoke steering wheel with three spokes
Deck plates
The XL7 Suzuki’s many characteristics piqued the interest of the occupants, and while driving, the spasmodic intonation won over the initial batch of buyers. The XL7’s stunning drive will also live on in the owners’ memories forever.

Suzuki XL7 Miles Per Liter of Fuel Used:

People who are intrigued by the 1500 cc Suzuki XL7 are unsure about it because of its high fuel consumption. However, people shouldn’t worry because it will deliver an average of nearly 13 kilometers per liter. It was further classified as:

Safety features of the Suzuki XL7 vehicle

Although Suzuki vehicles contain safety features, they are not thought to be the safest vehicles. Additionally, you will gain a solid understanding of the superior material quality used in the XL7 Suzuki.

centralized locking system
camera in reverse
Program for Electronic Stability
Hill-hold assistance dual EBD parking sensors
Airbags SRS
And because of the dependability and functionality of the XL7 Suzuki automobiles, the novice has complete faith in them.


A midsize SUV that competed in the market for entry-level luxury SUVs was the Suzuki XL7. Among its principal rivals were:

Cadillac Equinox
The GMC Terrain Ford Edge
Honda Accord
Samsung Santa Fe
Sorento Kia
Toyota CX-9
Japanese Outlander
Navara Murano
Mitsubishi Outlander
Tiguan by Volkswagen
These versions resembled the Suzuki XL7 in terms of price, size, and amenities. They offered a harmony of comfort, features, and performance and were created to appeal to families. They were positioned as more luxurious and roomy alternatives to the compact SUV models that these manufacturers generally supplied, and they frequently had a greater selection of standard amenities and more potent engines.


Suzuki XL7 2023 Price in Pakistan

PKR 5,200,000(factory price) Launched in 2023

The Fuel Type of Suzuki XL7 is petrol.