You are currently viewing Toyota IQ 2023 Price in Pakistan Interior Mileage & Specifications

Toyota IQ 2023 Price in Pakistan Interior Mileage & Specifications

Because they come with the best characteristics and are created by Pakistan’s street states, Toyota cars have constantly been among the top wants of the country’s population. You may see the Toyota IQ 2023 Price in Pakistan here. Toyota regularly sends out new vehicles and sends out a different models for vehicles that have already been in use. In terms of quality, Toyota cars are the greatest, and the company also offers its customers after-sale services. Like every year, Toyota has launched a number of vehicles that are currently being used in Pakistan. Here, we will share the value of the Toyota IQ with you to make it easier for you to select the vehicle in accordance with your budget. The price of this car is

Toyota IQ Car Price


Toyota IQ 2023 Price in Pakistan

With only two seats, this car’s pricing range in Pakistan is between PKR 1,200,000 and 1,800,000. This is fairly reasonable for this type of vehicle.

Toyota IQ Price in PKR123 to 20lack

 Toyota IQ Interior

This car has a really stunning interior decor. Even though there are only two seats, the interior does not feel at all empty. Leather covers the seats, and the dashboard is black. Additionally, the leather on the steering wheel gives it a more luxurious than practical feel.


Exterior Toyota IQ Design

This car has a very amazing outward design. It boasts a contemporary, streamlined design but retains the appearance of the first Toyota IQ. This car has a sharply angular front and slightly curved sides. Because of how great this car is, people want to own it.

The Toyota IQ 2023′ Engine

l engine 1.3 L inline-3 Diesel engine, inline-4, 1.4 L; inline-4 transmission
Six-speed CVT automatic transmission with a ten-speed transmission

Toyota iQ Specifications

Engine Model1KR-FECylinders
Maximum Power68ps(50kW)/6000rpmMaximum Torque9.2kg?m(90N?m)/4800rpm
Compression Ratio10.5Charger
Fuel Supply EquipmentFuel Tank Equipment32L
Fuel Type



Steering SystemMinimum Turning Radius3.9m
Suspension System(front)Suspension System(rear)
Braking System(front)Braking System(rear)
Tires Size(front)175/65R15Tires Size(rear)175/65R15

Pros and Cons of Toyota IQ 2023


  • Its outside measurements are incredibly modest.
  • It offers a convenient and affordable experience.


  • It lacks a boot and back seats.
  • It does not come with extra parts.

Colors Of Toyota IQ 2023

For TOYOTA IQ, select the color scheme.

  2. WHITE
  3. BLUE
  5. GREY
  6. BROWN
  7. BLACK

Toyota IQ 2023 Competitor

  • The Smart ForTwo,
  • Honda N One,
  • Daihatsu Mira,
  • Daihatsu Charade
  • , Mitsubishi Ek
  • , Nissan Otti,
  • Suzuki Alto
  • , and the Mazda


Toyota IQ availability in Pakistan 2023.

Pakistan has access to it. It is available in all of Pakistan’s major cities, including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, etc.

Some Toyota IQ owners are looking to sell their vehicles. They can therefore be found on several online portals.

Online resources are accessible for Toyota IQ details, including images, features, and specifications. You’ll discover all the information you need. However, you must first check your model before purchasing.

Toyota IQ-related FAQs

Why did they cease production of the Toyota iQ?
Unfavorable currency exchange rates between Europe and Japan prevented sales, and the vehicle would have cost significantly more to produce with the adjustments needed to meet upcoming EU emissions rules. The model’s production for additional markets was stopped in 2015.

How many miles can a Toyota motor travel?
Although the particular mileage for a vehicle varies based on the type and the level of maintenance you give it, Toyotas frequently travel well over 200,000 or even 250,000 miles.

Which fuel is used by the Toyota iQ?
The combined cycle fuel consumption of the Toyota iQ hatchback’s gasoline engine ranges from 4.3 to 5.1 liters per 100 kilometers, while a diesel engine uses about 4 liters per 100 kilometers.