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United Bravo 2023 Price in Pakistan Spaces Feature

Therefore, the topic at hand is the United Bravo price in Pakistan in 2023 with all of its features and specs. The United Bravo Car is a compact, reasonably priced vehicle made for affluent and high-end consumers. For individuals who like to feel in charge of their fate when on vacation or an adventure, the vehicle is ideal. It’s best to go to United Bravo Car. All car customers should choose United Bravo Car because of its affordable prices.

United Auto Industries in Pakistan introduced the United Bravo 2023, an 800cc hatchback, in September 2018. The largest motorbike manufacturer in Pakistan is this business. After the Suzuki Mehran was withdrawn from production, the Daha 350 was revived in Pakistan and is now known as the United Bravo.

The new United Bravo 2023 has a classy appearance. An 800cc engine with 40 horsepower and 60 NM of torque is a new addition to the front of the automobile, which also has multi-reflective mirror lighting and front fog lights. The car weighs 700 kg at the curb in Pakistan.

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Price of United Bravo in Pakistan in 2023

One of the first businesses to operate in Pakistan for a number of years, United has now unveiled the United Bravo vehicle. Only one of these cars, whilst the others cost more than one million rupees, is now on the market. The United Bravo specification will be discussed below. The content above also includes the Unites Bravo pricing.

United Car 800cc Price in Pakistan1,619,000 PKR

Overview of United Bravo

In September 2018, United Auto Industries, a Pakistani manufacturer of automobiles, unveiled the newest United Bravo, an 800 cc hatchback. This business is regarded as Pakistan’s second-largest motorcycle manufacturer.

Interior Design & Features United Bravo:

The car’s interior is furnished with a number of cutting-edge features that are absent from locally produced vehicles. It offers a radio player option, a USB port, and an interactive multimedia system. The front seat may slide and recline, and the front and back seats can be adjusted. For the convenience of the passenger, there are two cup holders. The inner cabin has wood panels along the sidewalls that give it a luxurious appearance. Power windows, power steering, seat belt warnings, fuel lid openers, rearview cameras, and digital instrument meters are all included in the equipment list. There is a lot of space for seating in the front thanks to the headroom and legroom, but there is not enough headroom or legroom.


Exterior Design United Bravo.

The three exterior colors of United Bravo are white, silver, and grey. With LED brake lights, sleek outside edges with fog lights, and a rear camera for parking, the design is pretty exquisite despite being a little dated. It has a ground clearance of 150 millimeters and measures 3290 millimeters long, 1600 millimeters wide, and 1580 millimeters high. It comes with fashionable aluminum alloy rims. To help you drive in bad weather, the front of the automobile has fog lights. Compared to the Suzuki Mehran, it is larger and heavier.

United Bravo Specifications Pakistan

Additionally, the vehicle has an automatic transmission, making it simple to drive. The United Bravo’s superb specifications make it a great option for anyone searching for a small family vehicle that is also economical. The vehicle has a strong engine that will make driving simple and enjoyable. Below are some Pakistan united bravo specifications.
United Bravo Specifications Pakistan
Body TypeHatchback
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)3350 x 1590 x 1530 mm
Kerb Weight700 KG
Horse Power40 hp
Torque60 Nm
Fuel Tank Capacity30 L
Seating Capacity5 – Persons
Tyre Size155/65/R13
Top Speed140 KM/H

Engine Of United Bravo

If someone tells you that this car has an outstanding engine, believe them. The United Bravo is created locally, which is one of its most notable features. We don’t produce many cars here in Pakistan, as a nation. So check out this car if you want a taste of the local culture. Pakistan has a large number of competent individuals, thus being local does not make something terrible.

The car’s engine has an 800 cc, or 0.8 liter, capacity. It will operate quite efficiently on city commutes and can function on the highway as well. You should get used to shifting because it has a manual transmission. It shouldn’t be a problem for you if you use your hands a lot.

Positive aspects of United Bravo:

Cost-effectiveness: This car costs 11 lac Pakistani rupees, which is a very reasonable and pocket-friendly price. It not only offers affordability to all client classes, but it also has the superior attributes that were thoroughly described above.
Design: The business has produced a stunning design that is far superior to the earlier Mehran, Alto, and Santro designs. The paint is of excellent quality, and the aerodynamics are flawless.
Advanced features: Given the significant changes made to the 800 cc automobiles that have already been mentioned, United Bravo includes all the standard features that a modern car should have.


United Bravo Competitors

Competitors/Similar Cars of United Bravo are as follows:

  • Suzuki Alto
  • Suzuki Mehran
  • Daihatsu Cuore
  • Prince Pearl
  • United Alpha
  • FAW V2

United Bravo Pros and Cons


  • Reasonable Hatchback
  • Compact range
  • Advanced Features Technology
  • Standard Back Camera and Touch screen Info System


  • Low Fuel Average
  • Resale Issues
  • Bad Handling
  • Bad Handlin

United Bravo Colors

  • Beige
  • Gray
  • Maroon
  • Royal Blue
  • Silver
  • White

Suzuki Mehran vs United Bravo

Despite being discontinued in Pakistan, the Suzuki Mehran was a perennial customer favorite. United Bravo, which was unveiled after Mehran and has many more conveniences than Mehran, is available now. These include keyless entry, fog lights, power windows and mirrors, a camera in the back, and all of the above.

FAQ about United Bravo 2023

What is the Price of United Bravo in Pakistan?

The price of United Bravo in Pakistan is PKR 1,619,000.

Is United Bravo a Chines Car?

Yes, United Bravo is a Chines Car launch in Pakistan.

Is United Bravo have AC?

Yes, United Bravo has installed AC by United Company.

What is the Fuel average of United Bravo?

United Bravo’s fuel average is between 13 km/L to 18 Km/L.